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LIINI® 2.0 - Manual for parents

Here you will find all information about the bottle warmer LIINI® 2.0

Table of contents

Safety instructions

Important information when using LIINI® to protect you and your children.

  • The product may only be operated by adult persons. The LIINI® bottle warmer must be kept safely away from children at all times.
  • The bottle warmer must be checked for defects before each use.
  • Please clean the baby bottle warmer thoroughly before first use.
  • LIINI® may only be used with Ambient temperatures of min. 4° and max. 50°C be used.
  • Do not use aggressive liquids for cleaning. This could lead to cracks or discoloration in the housing. In this case, the product must not be used under any circumstances!
  • Please clean your hands thoroughly before you start to warm the baby bottle with LIINI®.
  • The product must not be used in the blazing sun or hot ambient temperatures (shade).
  • The milk warmer must not be immersed in water or cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Never touch the heating plate of LIINI® after use, there is a risk of severe burns!
  • The product must be cleaned thoroughly after each use and after cooling.
  • For charging, we recommend a 5V / 3A charging cable or a powerbank with at least 10’000mAh.
  • The sealing ring may be removed for cleaning. After cleaning, please ensure that the sealing ring is installed in the correct direction (depending on the bottle brand).
  • LIINI® contains a built-in rechargeable battery. For this reason, the product must not be used in the vicinity of strong magnetic fields.
  • After the bottle warmer is fully charged, the product must be disconnected from the circuit. If the USB cable is not disconnected, this will damage the battery.
  • The product must be kept away from your child’s hands at all times! Under no circumstances should your children play with LIINI®.
  • Please always check the milk temperature with the wrist check before feeding.
  • For questions about your baby’s diet, please consult your doctor.
  • LIINI® must never be operated unsupervised (e.g. overnight!). We expressly point out that LIINI® is exclusively suitable for short-term warming of baby food, e.g. on the way, on a hike or during vacations under the supervision of an adult.

Technical data

Facts & Figures about LIINI® 2.0

Zertifizierungen LIINI 2.0
LIINI 2.0 Zertifizierungen


Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

LIINI® 2.0 is of course certified and complies with the following standards:

  • CE certified: Our bottle warmer is of course CE certified and complies with the regulations in force in the EU.
  • FDA certified: In addition to European certification, we also have approval on the American market.
  • RoHs certified: LIINI® 2.0 has been thoroughly tested for harmful ingredients and meets the applicable maximum levels for hazardous substances.

Full power for the hunger.

  • Heat output: 35W
  • Battery capacity: 9’000mAh
  • Material heating plate: SUS316 stainless steel
  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Charging current: 2A / 3A
  • Temperature levels: 37°C / 40°C / 45°C / 50°C
Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

Everything important before first use

Just a few more steps until LIINI® 2.0 makes your everyday life as a mom and dad easier.

Lieferumfang LIINI 2.0 Flaschenwärmer
LIINI 2.0 Lieferumfang

Check scope of delivery

Congratulations on the purchase of your LIINI® and welcome to the LIINI® family. First of all, we recommend you to check the scope of delivery. With a purchase you get:

Dust cover (bear ears, already attached)

LIINI® 2.0 Bottle Warmer

USB-C cable white

Gasket for the heating plate (already inserted in the device)

Congratulations on the purchase of your LIINI® and welcome to the LIINI® family. First of all, we recommend you to check the scope of delivery. With a purchase you get:

Dust cover (bear ears, already attached)

LIINI® 2.0 Bottle Warmer

USB-C cable white

Gasket for the heating plate (already inserted in the device)

Loading LIINI® 2.0 completely

After you have checked the scope of delivery, you have to charge LIINI® 2.0 to 100% battery with the included USB cable and any adapter (no fast charging adapter!). During the charging process you will see three charging bars. With a light press of the start button, you can see the current battery level.

Akku vollständig aufladen_LIINI 2.0 Flaschenwärmer

Cleaning before first use

Before first use, we recommend thorough cleaning of the heating area.

To do this, you can simply remove the inserted sealing ring with your fingers. Please refrain from using sharp objects – this may cause damage and corresponding leakage during use.

Did you know? You can find replacement seals in our store:

Order replacement gasket

In a next step, you can now clean the heating plate and the sealing ring with universal disinfectant wipes – this will eliminate 99% of all viruses and bacteria.

Note: If the rubber sealing ring is sterilized in boiling water, deformation may occur. We therefore advise against sterilization in a boiling water bath.

Dust cover (bear ears)

There is a trick for this, so that they really stay on the bottle warmer:

  1. Put on the dust cover normally
  2. Press in with the center of the thumb to create a vacuum
  3. Slightly lift the edge of the dust cover so that air escapes (audible on the video) and a vacuum is formed
  4. Ensure correct fit

Not quite sure yet? No problem. Here you can download a video tutorial.

LIINI 2.0 Flaschenwärmer Blau

Step-by-step instructions

When you need it fast. Preparing the baby bottle with LIINI® 2.0 explained very simply & with pictures.

1. Remove dust cover (bear ears)

The silicone cover with the bear ears protects the warm-up area of LIINI® 2.0 from contamination.

The dust cover can be easily removed and safely stored in the meantime.

For transport we also recommend our LIINI® transport and travel bag made of 100% cotton.

2. Disinfect the heating plate

Before use, we recommend cleaning the stainless steel heating plate with a disinfecting cloth.

It doesn’t matter which product you use. As a rule, this kills 99% of all bacteria.

Boiling is not necessary!

3. Check the sealing ring on the heating plate

Before each use, check that the sealing ring on the heating plate is correctly installed.

The installation direction is according to the illustration on the left: The sealing lips must always be visible.

For cleaning, the sealing ring can be easily removed and also cleaned with a disinfectant wipe on the way.

The sealing ring is a wearing part.

We recommend always having 3 spare rings in stock at home.

4. Check sealing ring in adapter

If your baby bottle does not require an adapter: Please continue with step 6.

All adapters have an additional inserted sealing ring, which keeps the connection between baby bottle and adapter tight.

During use, ensure that the sealing rings of the heating plate and any adapter are not interchanged during use.

The device is only 100% tight if both sealing rings (heating plate and adapter) are used.

5. Screw adapter

When using the following baby bottles, a corresponding adapter is necessary:

The adapter can now be screwed hand-tight to the bottle warmer.

6. Add breast milk / water

For breast milk: pour the desired amount of breast milk directly into the baby bottle.

For powdered milk / breast milk substitute products: When using powdered products, the mineral water from the bottle (or the boiled tap water) must now be filled into the baby bottle in the desired quantity. The powdered milk is not yet added.

7. Screw with baby bottle

Now screw LIINI® 2.0 upside down to the baby bottle and hand-tighten.

We can guarantee 100% tightness of the bottle warmer. If you are leaking fluid, you have most likely forgotten a sealing ring.

8. Select desired temperature

The bottle warmer is now started by touching the touch button for 3 seconds.

The temperature can be set by touching the touch button again:

  • 1x touch = 37°C
  • 2x touch = 40°C
  • 3x touch = 45°C
  • 4x touch = 50°C

9. Automatic heating starts

For heating, it is important that the bottle warmer is placed on a parallel surface (e.g. table).

This is the only way to ensure that the displayed temperature also corresponds to the effective temperature of the contents.

When the set temperature is reached, a beep sounds. From this point on, the baby bottle is ready for your baby. If you want to wait a little longer before feeding, you can leave the contents in the baby bottle without any problems. The built-in keep warm function ensures that the baby bottle stays at temperature.

10. Add milk powder

When using breast milk: Step 9 can be skipped and the baby bottle is immediately ready for feeding.

Once the temperature is reached, the powdered milk can be added to the baby bottle. For this purpose, please observe the manufacturer’s quantity specifications and recommendations.

11. Bon appétit!

Now you can screw the teat onto your baby bottle.

The baby bottle is now ready for the hungry baby.

The LIINI® team wishes you a good appetite! 🙂

Staubschutz LIINI 2.0 Bärenohren

12. Put on bear ears correctly

After the final cleaning, the bear ears can be put back on.

There is a trick for this, so that they really stay on the bottle warmer:

  1. Put on the dust cover normally
  2. Press in with the center of the thumb to create a vacuum
  3. Slightly lift the edge of the dust cover so that air escapes (audible on the video) and a vacuum is formed
  4. Ensure correct fit

Not quite sure yet? No problem. Here you can download a video tutorial.

The correct cleaning of LIINI® 2.0

Declare war on lime and other dirt.

Wärmer Babyflasche LIINI 2.0 Olive wassergeschützt IP44 wasserdicht

Protection against dust and water

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

LIINI® 2.0 has a certain protection against foreign bodies (e.g. dust lint in the diaper bag) and water contact.

The bottle warmer is protected against splashing water – which means for you: It won’t harm the device if a small splash of water gets onto it here and there during cleaning. Nevertheless, LIINI® 2.0 must never be immersed in water or even cleaned in a dishwasher. This leads to immediate defect of the device!

Lime on the hot plate

Over time, corresponding lime deposits will appear on the heating plate of LIINI® 2.0. Depending on the region of residence and the corresponding water hardness, these can be more or less pronounced.

For light deposits, you can get rid of the limescale with a Scotch-Brite® sponge.

Feel free to apply a little pressure to remove the lime. The slight scratches are completely normal and do not affect the function of the device, nor does it break the stainless steel heating plate.

For heavier deposits, you can leave some vinegar on overnight. Normally, the lime can then be easily removed the next day.

Reinigung LIINI 2.0 Flaschenwärmer mit Scotch Brite
LIINI 2.0 Rosé Babyfläschenwärmer mit Akku für unterwegs

Cleaning the housing

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

Never use disinfectants, alcohol or other aggressive cleaning agents to clean the case. This can lead to color changes!

It is best to clean the case with a damp cloth and some liquid soap if necessary.

Do I need a LIINI® adapter?

Everything about the different baby bottles on the market.

NO adapter necessary!

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

The baby bottles of the manufacturers listed on the left are LIINI® compatible without further adapters.

If you feed your baby with one of the baby bottles mentioned, you can screw your bottle directly to the bottle warmer and do NOT need an adapter:

Adapter NEEDED!

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

For all other baby bottles, an adapter is required for the use of LIINI® 2.0 and corresponding bottle preparation.

LIINI Adapter for baby bottles NUK First Choice

Sealing ring heating plate / adapter

Important to note to prevent leakage.

Nina Hillebrand

Sealing lips must be visible

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

To ensure that LIINI® 2.0 is 100% leak-proof during heating and does not lose any liquid, the correct installation direction of the sealing ring on the heating plate is important.

The correct way to install the sealing ring is as shown in the figure on the left.

The sealing ring for the heating plate is a wearing part which must be replaced regularly.

Reorder now in the store

Adapters have a separate seal!

All adapters have a separate seal, which prevents the leakage of liquid when connecting the baby bottle and adapter.

These sealing rings should also be replaced regularly.

LIINI® Adapter seal to be reordered

Dichtring im Adapter

Warm-up time - reference values

Reference values for 37°C with different bottle contents

Baby bottle with 120ml content to 37°C
3 Min 15 Sec
Baby bottle with 150ml content to 37°C
4 Min 15 Sec
Baby bottle with 180ml content to 37°C
6 Min 10 Sec
Baby bottle with 240ml content to 37°C
8 min and 21 sec

What temperature do we assume for reference measurements?

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

For our reference measurements, we chose a starting temperature of 25°C because LIINI® is particularly a gadget for on-the-go use. As a rule, bottled mineral water (appropriately labeled!), boiled water or breast milk, stored in the handbag, unrefrigerated (for a short time!) and at about 25° is used to prepare the bottle.

Please note that the heating time to the desired temperature may be longer or shorter due to different ambient temperatures, bottle size (small or large baby bottle), bottle material (glass or plastic), and initial temperature.

Checking the temperature - correct method

If you want to check the temperature.

Correct measurement methodology

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

We have calibrated LIINI® 2.0 accordingly in several tests and can say with high accuracy that the previously set temperature levels of 37°C / 40°C / 45°C / 50°C are maintained with a tolerance of + 0°C / -2.5°C. A tolerance of up to 3°C is absolutely within the norm for liquids and may vary from meter to meter.

If you want to check the temperature of the baby bottle, the following methodology is important. Otherwise, strong deviations will occur:

  1. Measure immediately after the beep
  2. The temperature must be taken exclusively from the center of the baby bottle
  3. Under no circumstances should e.g. meat or other cheap measuring devices be used to verify the temperature. The devices are not suitable for measuring liquids!
  4. We recommend a digital clinical thermometer for the measurement
  5. Tolerances up to 2.5°C are completely within the norm

In any case, you don’t have to worry aboutyour baby’s safety. Our devices are calibrated so that the temperature is always set cooler, but never warmer than before.

What amount of milk does my baby need?

Guidelines for your baby’s food intake.

Flaschenwärmer für unterwegs LIINI

Regular weighing is important

Technische Daten LIINI 2.0

The amount of milk for your baby depends on your weight – that’s why your baby needs to be weighed regularly.

Within 24 hours doctors recommend 6-8 meals.

The basic formula for calculation is:

Baby's weight / 6 = daily amount of milk in mililiters


At a weight of 4200g, this gives a daily requirement of 700ml:

– 115ml per bottle for 6 meals
– 90ml per bottle for 8 meals

I need help!

We are always there for you.

Support system

In order for us to process your request efficiently and quickly, all requests to us must be made exclusively through our support system.

The LIINI® family is now large and represented in many countries worldwide.

Only with the help of your detailed information and correctly filled ticket fields we can help you efficiently.


LIINI® stands for quality.

The products have a total warranty (guarantee) of 24 months from the date of receipt of the order. Wearing parts are completely excluded from the guarantee.

The following are considered wear parts:

  • Battery (The device’s battery has a service life of approx. 500 complete charging cycles. After that, the battery still provides approx. 80% of its original capacity).
  • Gaskets (adapters and bottle warmers)

The guarantee is also excluded:

  • If the defect is due to improper handling or use of the product other than its normal use.
  • If the defect is due to a malfunction caused by incorrect operation and not in accordance with the instructions in the respective user manual
    described in the operating instructions.
  • If the defect is due to an external intervention “third-party intervention”, in particular repairs and interventions by persons who have not been authorized for this purpose by LIINI GmbH
    have been authorized.
  • If the product has been damaged due towater contact / water damage.
  • Normal signs of wear and tear do not trigger any warranty.

LIINI GmbH can provide the guarantee either partially (e.g. spare parts such as seals) or complete replacement with an equivalent product.

For the purpose of verifying the warranty claim, the customer must solve a ticket under the corresponding category “Problem with device / defect” in the ticket system at and provide the following evidence:

  • Video on which the problem is apparent
  • Figure 1: Front of the device
  • Figure 2: Rear of the device
  • Figure 3: Bottom side of the device
  • Figure 4: Heating plate of the device

If LIINI GmbH detects corresponding damage to the device (e.g. misshapen heating plate, untypical scratches or dents, etc.) any warranty is excluded.

By submitting the ticket, the customer confirms that all information is true. Should it become apparent during the processing of the warranty case that facts of warranty fraud exist, LIINI GmbH reserves the right to take appropriate legal action.



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